What is MotionElements?

MotionElements (ME) is a royalty-free marketplace in Asia for worldwide stock animation, video footage, After Effects templates, Apple Motion templates and music.

As a marketplace, ME provides for the service to Buy and Sell keyed live footage, 2D & 3D Animation, 3D Models and other stock motion elements. Its Artists can enjoy up to 70% of actual revenues when selling with ME.

Being a community site of Asia’s motion graphics creators, it establishes an online platform for artists to collaborate and market their works.

To best serve the interests of its ever-growing number of artists, MotionElements has structured a rigorous legal framework to keep them informed and protected at all times.

The site is powered by Web 2.0 technology which allows faster responses, enhanced usability with highly relevant and detailed categorical search ability. This means that users can search for Keyed Top Layer, Background, Lower-Third, Side Panel, Screen Layer, Wipe, Matte, Displays, Front View, Side View, Top View, Perspective View, Camera View, etc.

MotionElements practices world-class, global marketing. Hence, works within ME are aggressively marketed to target markets like Europe, US, Canada, Japan, Korea, and Asia.

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