Managing Elements

How to take down an Element from my Elements page?

If you want to delete an Element from your Elements page, please refer to the following conditions.


The Element has been purchased:

If the Element you want to take down has been sold, and the last transaction is made less than 3 years, you can only Unpublish the Element at this point.

* Please note: Unpublished Elements can no longer be viewed by the buyers. Only our staff and you can see this Elements page.

You may Delete the Element after the 3-year period is up.

As for why you cannot delete the track, this is because according to our Contributor Agreement, the files will be archived for 3 years. Please refer to the following text:

Clause 5. d. stated: “Effect of Termination. Upon the termination of this Agreement MotionElements will withdraw all posted Contributor Content from the MotionElements Catalog within ninety (90) days following the effective date of the termination. Upon termination of this Agreement, MotionElements, at its option, may destroy all digitized files of Contributor Content, or retain the file for archival purposes for a period of three (3) years to give Buyers of Content sufficient time to download their purchases.”


The Element has not been purchased:

If the Element you want to take down has not been purchased, you can Delete it from your Elements page immediately without any question.


If you need additional assistance, please contact [email protected]


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