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7 tips to selling more on MotionElements

Here are some tips you can use to sell more on MotionElements.

1. Title

Give your Element a clear, straight-forward title that best describes it. Let the buyers immediately understand what your Element is about, and if they can use it in their projects. Avoid using generic and non-descriptive naming methods such as “D7701593”

Some examples of good titles: Cinematic Slideshow (AE template), Epic Heroic (music), Working on touch pad (video), Fire frame HD (animation)…

Tips for directory / file naming
  • You may name a subdirectory for easy grouping of your files.
  • Try to use an unique directory/filenames, as this makes it easier for metadata matching.
  • Try to use directory name that make sense, as directory name are also treated as keywords for searching.
  • When naming your directory/filenames, try to avoid characters such as #, [, ], *, or ?, as these will be renamed to “_” by our system.
  • Example recommended filename: “batch01/animal/”

2. Metadata

Add as much details that you know about your Element in the metadata – the format, required software version, license, resolution, etc. Pay special attention to the keywords. These input information will lead the buyers to your Elements in a shorter period of time. It is recommended to tag a minimum of 6 keywords per Element. There is a limit of 50 keywords per Element.

Examples of keywords: intro, slideshow, trailer, wedding production, dynamic, fast opener, minimal, particle, glow, inspirational (music)…

What is Metadata?

How To Fill In Your Metadata File?

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3. Preview photo

Set an appealing preview photo to attract buyers to enter your Element page. Find the photo that best represents the Element and avoid using thumbnails that are blur or blank. You may also use your own customised preview photo specially designed to promote this Element.

An example of preview photo selection:

4. Description

Add some descriptive text to reveal more details about your Element. If it is an AE template, add notes on music.

An example of Element description:

5. Topics

One way of boosting sales is making Elements on popular topics. Some topics are seasonal. For example, Christmas and New Year themed videos and templates are popular in November/December, while those of cherry blossoms are best rolled out before March. MotionElements will also feature seasonal themes on the main page banner with relevant Elements.

Examples of popular topics: wedding, corporate, logo, intro, infographics…

6. Collection

Collections are a way to group your Elements together and sell it in bulk at a discounted price. This is akin to a bundled package and provides incentives to MotionElements’s buyers to make larger purchases from your portfolio. You can create Collections from any of your existing Elements, but we recommend creating ones that are based off a coherent theme or are complementary to each other.

Add descriptions such as “Save 55% OFF! A great collection of High Tech templates, selected for you! Easy to edit, fast render time and amazing visual appeal” to elaborate on the promotion such as cost savings and product benefits.

How To Create A Collection?

An example of a collection:

7. Become our Hero, SuperHero or UltraHero

Being our Hero will allow you to enjoy exclusive artists benefits. Benefits such as increased search exposure, enhanced artist page and search trend and analytics – are exclusively provided for our MotionElements Heroes. If you’re our Hero, your Elements will also be featured in the promotion banner carousel on our main page.

Be a MotionElements Hero!

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