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What is our Price Guarantee Program?

Our Price Guarantee Program is developed to assure our buyers that when they shop on our site they are getting the best deals – at the best possible price. That’s the reason behind our MotionElements Price Guarantee.
After our buyers purchase with us, if they find the same Element sold for a lower price on another website, we’ll check the details of their order and refund the Price Difference in the form of credits.


Read more about the terms and conditions of Price Guarantee Program.

This guarantee applies to all Elements sold on Restrictions apply.


How can I benefit from being in the Price Guarantee Program?

  • This program is structured to provide a peace of mind for our buyers when it comes to purchase – it will incentivise them to buy through MotionElements because they are promised the best deal – at the best possible price.
  • It would also potentially increase your sales on MotionElements because buyers will be motivated to treat MotionElements as their one-stop purchase solution rather than having to browse through multiple websites for price comparisons – risking them taking their purchase elsewhere!


What do I need to do?

You do not need to submit an additional application to enroll in the program. You are automatically enrolled in the program when you sign-up to become a contributor on MotionElements.


Current and New Artists:

  • For non-exclusive Elements, we recommend that you price your Elements to match the selling price of all other websites you are selling at. It would be great too if you would like to price more attractively, certain Elements for promotional purposes.
  • For exclusive Elements, kindly price according to your target buyer’s needs.

For more suggestions on pricing, check out our Recommended Price Guide.


What if I don’t want to participate in the Price Guarantee Program?

As mentioned above, you are automatically enrolled in the program when you join us as a contributor. We strongly recommend that you remain enrolled to benefit from the above benefits.

To Opt-Out of the Price Guarantee Program, please email us at [email protected] sharing your reasons.

A point to note. For buyers to easily recognize artists providing Price Guarantee Elements, those who are not enrolled will be tagged as “Not Best Price Guarantee” by their artist names.


Read more about our Price Guarantee Program.

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