Premiere Pro & Motion Graphics Templates

Premiere Pro & Motion Graphics upload specifications

Premiere Pro Templates and Motion Graphics Templates are priced at either $9 USD or $18 USD on MotionElements. You can choose which pricing you prefer for each of your templates.

Premiere Pro Templates and Motion Graphics Templates will be sold via our subscription plans in the future.

What are we looking for

Suitable for creation of Premiere Pro Templates & Motion Graphics Templates

  1. Text animation presets
  2. Lower-thirds with embedded graphics
  3. Title cards with embedded graphics
  4. Icon animations

Accepted File Types

  • Premiere Pro Templates
    • Premiere Pro Template .prproj
    • .zip (Compress each Project into separate zip files)
    • Maximum File Size: 4GB
  • Motion Graphics Templates
    • Motion Graphics Template .mogrt
    • .zip (Compress each Project into separate zip files)
    • Maximum File Size: 4GB
  • Thumbnails (You can upload your own thumbnails or we can auto-generate them for you)
    • Format: JPEG .jpg, PNG .png
    • Resolution: 720 (width) x 480 (height) and above.


Asset Resources for Template Creators

You have painstakingly created a great template that you are confident with. You have put in the placeholder images with words like “Replace this clip with your own image” and tidied up the project’s structure for the ease of your buyers.

Now comes one of the most important step of creating your template – packaging.

Use MotionElements Logo in Your Templates

If you need a logo to showcase your template’s ability to enhance a company’s logo presentation, why not use our MotionElements logo to do it*? Get a vectorized copy here:

* Please adhere to our brand guidelines and avoid using the logo for usages shown here:

Do not change the colors!
Do not change the colors!
Do not alter the size ratio!
Do not alter the size ratio!
Do not apply too thick a shadow!
Do not apply too thick a shadow!

Template for “readme.txt”

You should always include a “readme.txt”. This text file is meant to get your buyer started with using your template with important information and instructions.

Don’t know what to include in your “readme.txt”? Don’t worry, we have a template text file for you to download and use as well. Just replace the information and delete parts that you don’t want to include.

Remember to rename the file to “readme.txt” before bundling it with your template!

Template Video Preview – What Can You Use?

Video Previews are the first point of contact between your template and your potential buyers. They are the ones that are going to attract, entice and convince people that the template will be useful. To do that, you need to create a preview of how your template will look like in the end product by filling in those placeholder images and putting in a piece of music.

But what can you use? The 2 simple rules are:

you should only use assets that you own or you have the license or rights to, or

you can use watermarked Elements from our MotionElements stock video and stock music marketplace, as long as you credit the Elements’ Artists in your template description and “read-me” file.

Background Music for Video Previews

A brilliant template can be made even better with music. Music helps you set the right mood for your template, giving your potential buyers a good impression of what your template can help them achieve.

You can download the watermarked sample of any audio clips on our Royalty-Free Stock Music Library and use it in your preview video.

How to Upload Premiere Pro Templates & Motion Graphics Templates?

Preparations: What you need before you start

You will need to prepare a .zip file for upload into MotionElements

  • Zip File (.zip) should contain
  • The Premiere Pro & Motion Graphics Template file
  • Accompanying media files, including the text document of the links to download the font used in the template
  • Helpful instructions or tutorial on how the buyer will use and customize the template settings
  • Preview Clip. Do name it as, a preview image will be auto generated from the preview clip

Uploading of Files

There are 3 ways of uploading your files to MotionElements.

Do view support page How to Upload Files to find out how.

Checking your Uploaded Files

  1. Log In to your MotionElements Account. Go to the Artist menu and click Elements. You will be brought to Manage My Elements page.
  1. You will see a notification that informs you that the system is processing your upload files. The process time for your uploaded elements varies depending on the queue on our servers. This can take from a few hours up to 48 hours.
  1. If you do not see the notification, simply hit the Refresh button on your browser.
  2. After the system has processed your files, your files will appear on the list. Your storyboard and video thumbnail will be auto-generated from the file that you uploaded into your .zip file.

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