Managing Elements

*Managing your uploaded Elements

1. To manage your uploaded Elements at any point, simply mouse over the Artist menu and select Elements.

2. At the Manage my Elements page, you will find all the files that have been uploaded to your account that have classified into Elements (footage, animation, AE template, Motion template, & Music). In order to make these Elements available for sale on the MotionElements marketplace you would first have to publish it.

3. You can do so by clicking on the edit icon (pencil icon). This will bring you to a page to edit your Element information (metadata).

4. On this page you are able to

  • Select your thumbnail picture/video preview
  • Name your element, media type, description, type of contract
  • Set your categories and keywords
  • Tag relevant keywords to your element
  • Price your elements
  • The option of publishing your element

Input the necessary information, and click on Save Element. If you have ticked the checkbox ìPublish for Saleî then the Element will be available for sale within the next hour.


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