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How to Import Metadata

For Artists who upload their work in bulk, it is faster and easier to use the Metadata Import feature.

To begin, simply click on the Artist Menu and select Metadata Import. You will be brought to a Metadata Import page


Import File

On the Import File page, you can simply Drag your Metadata File from an open window from your computer and Drop it on the designated area marked by Drop file here.

The accepted file formats are Excel (.xls)Excel 2007 (.xlsx) and CSV (.csv).

After dropping the file, the system will automatically process it. This is done in the background so you can either wait for the processing to finish or you can move on with other tasks.

You will be brought to a Map Fields page after the system has finished processing your files.


You will need to match each columns to MotionElements available Metadata fields by clicking on the drop-down menu.

After you are done, click on Next Step to proceed. You will be directed to a Preview page.

The system does its best to automatically match this, but in the case that it is not, simply click on the drop down menu and find the most appropriate Element Field when you are directed to the next page.



At the Preview page, choose to apply the current Metadata to Unpublished, or Published elements from the drop down menu.

Tick the checkbox for Reimport if you want the current Metadata to apply/overwrite any previously imported metadata.



On the Matches tab, tick the checkboxes of Elements with matching metadata. Note that if the Element has existing metadata, the new one will be presented while the older information will be stricken out. If you prefer to keep the old metadata intact, uncheck the element to prevent it from being overwritten.


Also note that if an Element has multiple versions, the Metadata Import function will apply a single price for all versions. To edit prices for multiple versions, proceed to Manage my Elements.

Once done with selecting Elements to import the metadata, click on Save. Depending on the number of matches and the selected number of results per page, there may be multiple pages so make sure to go through all pages to make selections and save accordingly.

Alternatively, selecting Import All will automatically import the entire metadata file. This process is done in the background. You can wait for it to finish or you can immediately go to Manage my Elements to check the imported metadata.

Managing Your Uploaded Files

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