Hero Program

What’s a Hero, SuperHero or UltraHero? And why should I become one?

Hero Program Overview

Just by signing up as an artist, you are already on your way to becoming our Hero! Our points system credits you with every successful Element upload and sale. By accumulating 100 points and sharing your page on social media you will be qualified as our Hero, 500 points will qualify you as our SuperHero, and 1500 points our UltraHero.


Why should I be a Hero, SuperHero or UltraHero?

Being our Hero will allow you to enjoy exclusive artist’s benefits. Benefits such as increased search exposure, enhanced artist page and search trend and analytics – are exclusively provided for our MotionElements Heroes. If you’re our SuperHero or UltraHero, your elements will also be featured on the promotion banner carousel on our main page.

Learn more here.

Continue selling with us and grow in your Hero journey to become our SuperHero and ultimately, our UltraHero!

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