Hero Program

How to set the artist promotions on the main page banner?

Being our Hero allows your Elements to be featured on the promotional banners on our home page!

You are able to set the promotion each month. And these elements will be displayed at random and the price of each element will be listed in the carousel for buyer’s easy reference.

Maximum amount of promo banners Hero Artists can set:

Hero 1
SuperHero 2
UltraHero 4

What’s a Hero, SuperHero or UltraHero? And why should I become one?


To start off, visit your Artist Dashboard.


Click on “My Promotions” under “Marketing.”

Click on “+ New Promotions” and you will be directed to the “Edit Promotion” page.

Enter your collection code, select your month of promotion and click on “Schedule” after dragging down the list. Do note that each artist is allowed to promote one collection per month.

After clicking “Save,” you will be at “My Promotions” page. The promotions you set will appear on the list.

Visit the http://www.motionelements.com/ to see the result!


Looking for a guide to create the best promo banner on MotionElements? Look no further. Here’s the guide for Hero Artists like you!

Promo Banner Guide for Hero Artists

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