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Artist Onboarding Guide

Welcome to MotionElements, the largest royalty-free marketplace in Asia for worldwide stock video and music content. Focused on motion creators, we offer a localised experience for stock media buyers and sellers across Asia and the world.

Let’s Get Started

2 ways to Sign Up as an Artist in MotionElements

For non MotionElements users, you can sign up directly as an Artist.
For existing MotionElements users, you can upgrade your Buyer account into an Artist account.

Find out how to sign up as an Artist here

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Referral Program

By referring your followers from your personal site or your social media profile to MotionElements, you can earn 15% Commission from every sale for 1 year from all these new customers!

Get your personalized Referral Link here

Update Your Artist Page

It’s time to make yourself look good. Use your profile images to brand your Artist identity and give your Artist Page a unique look and feel.

Edit Your Artist Page here.

Here are the image sizes for your images for reference:

Avatar (180 x 180px)
This is your profile pic that will not only be displayed on your Artist Page, but also on the details page of your Elements.

Featured Background (1920px width)
This prominent background provides a great opportunity to really show off your own personality.

Self Promotional Banners (1140px width)
This banner will appear alongside your elements. Showcase yourself with a banner image or add promotional banners for yourself here!

What are the requirements

Select the media type that you wish to sell and we’ll provide you with the upload specifications we accept.

Upload Your Works

We have 4 methods of uploading which you can see in the video below.
You may also wish to read up on this on our Help & Support page article here.

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Pricing Your Elements

How much are my Elements sold for?

You set your own pricing.

Price Guide

Artists at MotionElements are free to set the pricing of their Elements and change it anytime they would like to.

This serves only as a price guide for Artists who are looking at reference pricing for their Elements.

4K$ 30$ 118
HD 1080$ 10$ 58
Video Template
After Effects Templates$ 5$ 48
Apple Motion Templates$ 5$ 48
Longer than 60s$ 15$ 58
20s to 60s$ 10$ 48
Shorter than 20s$ 5$ 28
3D Models
3D Models$ 5$ 88

We are providing a 2 second leeway for your music to end. Hence:

  • Music that is longer than 62 seconds will be bumped up to USD$15
  • Music that is longer than 22 seconds will be bumped up to USD$10
  • Music that is less than 22 seconds will be priced at a minimum of USD$5

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Managing Your Elements

We have many cool tools and features to help our artists manage their Elements. Watch the video below to learn more them.

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Managing Your Metadata

What is Metadata?

Metadata is data which is attached to each element, describing the element. It has information such as keywords, price, mediatype, country of origin, etc.

Using our “Metadata Import” function, you can upload your metadata (in either .xls, .xlsx or .csv format). It is a fast and easy way for Artists who upload their work in bulk.

How to Import and Export Metadata

Here’s a short tutorial on how you can use the metadata functions.

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When do I get paid?

Earnings made for the past month will be paid between the 15th to 18th of the current month.

For example, earnings from the period between 1st to 31st July will be paid between the days 15th to 18th August.

How do I get paid?

We can pay you via Skrill (recommended), Payoneer or PayPal.

You have to enter your Skrill, Payoneer or PayPal account’s email address into your Account page.

How much can I earn from the sale of my Elements?

For Non-Exclusive Elements, you can earn 50% of the revenue from the sale of your element.

For Exclusive Elements, you can earn 70% of the revenue from the sale of your element.

Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive

You can choose to sell your Elements with us either as a Non-Exclusive Element, or an Exclusive Element.

Non-Exclusive Elements

Revenue generated from Non-Exclusive Elements will be distributed at 50% (artist) /50% (MotionElements)

Elements can be distributed for sale at other marketplaces

Exclusive Elements

Revenue generated from Exclusive Elements will be distributed at 70% (Artist) and 30%(MotionElements)

Elements can only be distributed for online sale at MotionElements and not other marketplaces

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